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What do we know? - Training 

Emergency care: You will learn emergency care skills equivalent to the basic EMT level and the Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer. These skills are taught by Ski Patrollers in a friendly and fun manner. Through practice, you will learn to react to emergency situations wherever they occur.



The tuition for this training is approximately $166.95. This fee includes text books, supplies and equipment. The classroom training program is held twice per week. The classes start in late October/ early November. You will have reading assignments and emergency care skills practice to complete between classes. After the completion of the classroom session, you will continue to practice the emergency care skills that you learned each Saturday at Kissing Bridge. You will use these skills extensively during the skiing season and they will serve you both on the Patrol and in your day-to-day activities. You just might save someone's life! 
Skiing and boarding: Patrollers are constantly learning to be better skiers or snowboarders. Special skills are required to handle the toboggans that we use to transport injured people. We will help you develop those skills and also improve your overall skiing or boarding technique.


Do we have fun? -You betcha!
Besides conscientiously performing our duties at Kissing Bridge, we also like to have fun. We have parties both during the skiing season and during the off season. Patrollers sail, golf, horseback ride and cycle during the off-season. We are a family oriented organization with many of the best characteristics of a social club. We ski together, we train together, we eat together, we know each other's families and best of all, we play together. If you have a friendly personality and want to make new friends, Ski Patrol is a way to meet great people.


What will it cost me? - Not much for what you get!
Dues: In addition to the one-time Outdoor Emergency Care course fees, there are yearly recurring National Ski Patrol dues of about $60.00 and a $10.00 charge for CPR re-certification.


Uniforms (yes, we look great): 

The KB Ski Patrol is entirely self-sufficient. The uniform is a Patrol jacket ($220.00), black ski pants of your choice and a black fanny pack ($34.00). The Ski Patrol provides emergency care supplies to fill the pack.

Time: During the season, you are expected to make a 8 hr. per week commitment. The first year, you must be available every Saturday for training and another 4 hour shift scheduled at your convenience. After you complete your training, at the beginning of each year, you will be asked for your scheduling preferences which may include days, evenings or weekends. We provide coverage whenever the Kissing Bridge ski area is open.
Continuing training: Each Patroller is expected to attend a training refresher and a CPR re-certification class each Fall. During the season, additional training is also provided.


Great knowledge, good fun, wonderful people, a sense of real accomplishment, a chance to help others who really need your help. There's nothing better than to receive a letter from someone you've helped. In addition, you receive the National Ski Patrol magazine and a variety of division and regional newsletters. All in all, the Ski Patrol may be one of the greatest organizations you can join. For many of us it will last a lifetime.

Help Others & Have Fun
Kissing Bridge Ski Patrol Membership checklist
* I enjoy skiing or snowboarding 
* I like a feeling of accomplishment
* I want to help a child in distress
* I like to help others
* I want to meet new people
* I want to learn and practice emergency care skills


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