Important Dates for the 2019-20 Ski Season


Remember our patroller commitment...we are volunteers, but volunteers with responsibilities.

All patroller's must be refreshed annually in OEC, CPR/AED, skiing/riding skills, chair evacuation, and vehicle safety skills. National and the Department of Labor require this. This also helps us maintain our reputation as the most capable patrol in the area. Our trainers are always willing to help individuals that need personal attention in new techniques and methods.


This year’s On-Hill Refresher will take place on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7 at 9:00 at KB NORTH

 We are again having Mercy Flight training.  I know we only did this a couple of years ago, but they have a new helicopter, which is now side loading.  Our procedure to prepare the landing zone is not different, but if we are asked to assist with the loading of a patient we need to be familiar with the new procedures.  And besides, it’s always fun to be there when the helicopter comes in, right?

 We will start in the North lodge at 9:00 am with a member of the flight crew, then move out to the landing zone when they are notified that the helicopter in on its way in.  Please be prompt so that we can get started on time, as the flight crew is doing this as a favor to us.

 This is a mandatory session for all active KB Patrollers, so make every effort to attend.  If you are not available on December 7, lelet Diane know ahead of time

 Remember that the North lodge is bare bones, so bring your own coffee if you need it.  We will be outside for a while, so clothing and footwear to suit the weather of the day are called for.  

 If you want to bring your equipment and stock your locker for the season, this is a good day to do it.  You can drive over to the patrol room after the refresher.  If you wait until your first duty day, you might not be able to drive down to the patrol room.